Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TMS320 IDMA3 Channel Request Descriptor (IDMA3_ChannelRec)

TMS320 IDMA3 Channel Request Descriptor (IDMA3_ChannelRec)
Handle     Handle to logical DMA channel
numTransfers     Number of DMA transfers that are submitted using this logical channel handle. Single (==1) or Linked ( >= 2)
numWaits     Number of individual transfers that can be waited in a linked start. (1 for single transfers or to wait for all transfers to complete.)
priority     Relative priority recommendation {Urgent, High, Medium, Low}.
protocol     Optional protocol handle for allocating channel environment (“env”) memory and calling custom channel initialization function.
persistent     When persistent is set to TRUE, the granted physical EDMA resources (PaRAMs and TCCs) are for exclusive use by this channel. They cannot be shared with any other IDMA3 channel.